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Vol 1, No 1 (2013) African Population Estimates, 1850-1960 Details   PDF
Filipa Ribeiro da Silva
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Col*Fusion: a Global-Scale Information Integration Infrastructure based on Crowdsourcing Abstract   pdf
Evgeny Karataev, Vladimir Zadorozhny
Vol 1, No 1 (2013) Collaboration in Building a Global Archive: Vision, practice, methodology, and analysis Details   PDF
Patrick Manning, Ruth Mostern, Vladimir Zadorozhny
Vol 1, No 1 (2013) Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis: Vision and Work Plan Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Zadorozhny, Patrick Manning, Daniel J. Bain, Ruth Mostern
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 2 Comments on Manning, Zhang, and Yi’s "Volume and Direction of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1650-1870” Abstract   PDF
David Eltis, Paul Lachance
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Complexities in Creating and Defining Topical Metadata Practices for a World-Historical Data Resource Abstract   pdf
Tonia Sutherland
Vol 1, No 1 (2013) Contributors Details   PDF
Patrick Manning
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Contributors Details   pdf
David T. Ruvolo
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 2 Contributors Abstract   PDF
David T. Ruvolo
Vol 1, No 1 (2013) Cross-Disciplinary Theory in Construction of a World-Historical Archive Abstract   PDF
Patrick Manning, Sanjana Ravi
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Data on Inequality and the Inequality of Data: The Last Two Centuries Abstract   pdf
Matt Drwenski
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Data, Set, Match: Reflections on Database History Abstract   pdf
Matt Drwenski, Chris Meyers
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Demographic Models for Projecting Population and Migration: Methods for African Historical Analysis Abstract   pdf
Patrick Manning, Scott Nickleach, Bowen Yi, Brian McGill
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Editorial -- where have we been? Details   pdf
Patrick Manning
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 From Financial Crash to Debt Crisis Abstract   pdf
Ahmet Izmirlioglu
Vol 1, No 1 (2013) Indices of Trade Partner Concentration for 183 Countries Details   PDF
Jackie Smith
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Introduction: Historical Databases in Process Details   pdf
Matt Drwenski, Christopher H. Myers
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Large-scale data on U.S. disease, 1887 – 2014 Abstract   pdf
Patrick Manning
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Little Data Streams to the Big Data River: Data-Based Solutions to Non-Data Questions and Their Implications for the CHIA Project Abstract   pdf
Andrew Behrendt
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Mobile Networks: Visualizing the Global Refugee Regime Abstract   pdf
Bennett Gabriel Sherry
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 2 Notes Toward a World-Historical Data Resource Abstract   PDF
Patrick Manning
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 Planes, Pucks, Automobiles: Migration and Youth Hockey Abstract   pdf
Alexandra Mountain
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 2 Summary of Work on Silver Production Data 1870-1900 Abstract   PDF
Patrick Manning, Qiyao Wang
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 2 Textual Database on Women and Social Movements, International, 1800–2010 Abstract   PDF
Patrick Manning
Vol. 2-3 (2014-2015), No. 1 The Data Hoover Project Abstract   pdf
Marieka Arksey, Ruth Mostern
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