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Project TYCHO

Edited By Wilbert van Panhuis

2013 | University of Pittsburgh (external site)
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Language: English

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Data, Methodology, and Aims:

The Project Tycho® database aims are to advance the availability and use of public health data for science and policy. We do this by acquisition of new data, by building infrastructure for data standardization, integration, quality control, and data redistribution, by developing innovative analytics, and by advocacy.

Currently (May, 2015), Project TYCHO has completed digitization of the entire history of weekly National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS) reports for the United States (1888-2013) into a database in computable format (Level 3 data). We have standardized a major part of these data for online access (Level 2 data). A subset of the U.S. data was cleaned further and used for a study on the impact of vaccination programs in the United States that was recently published in the NEJM (Level 1 data).