Journal History

The Journal of World-Historical Information (JWHI) is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary project of creating and maintaining a comprehensive world-historical data resource. It publishes articles, reviews of datasets, and reports on the research activities associated with the Collaboritve for Historical Information and Analysis (CHIA).  

JWHI appeared with Volume 1, No. 1 in June 2013.  Volume 2-3 (2014-2015) No. 1 was published in August of 2015.  

Patrick Manning (University of Pittsburgh) serves as the Editor in Chief.    

Ruth Mostern (University of California – Merced), and Vladimir Zadorozhny (University of Pittsburgh) are founding members of the Editorial Board and Tonia Sutherland (University of Alabama) joined in 2015.   

David Ruvolo serves as Managing Editor of the journal and Ahmet Izmirlioglu is Dataset Review Editor.

JWHI will publish twice yearly with the next issue planned for December of 2015.